RAADFest 2016 & Human Age-Reversal Research

August 2, 2016

For the first time in medical history, human studies are being designed for the purpose of inducing meaningful reversal of pathological aging processes. Said differently, these clinical trials aim to alter older humans so that they function as much younger individuals.

Even modest success of these studies will result in a paradigm shift that will impart enormous societal benefits, such as sparing Medicare from insolvency. If I were asked even a few years ago if significant human age-reversal research was feasible, I would have said no. Virtually all attempts to slow aging are conducted in the laboratory setting, far removed from delivery to elderly people who have only a few years of life remaining.

To give you an idea of advances happening at prestigious universities, a protein found in the blood of young animals called GDF-11 is inducing systemic rejuvenation effects on bone, muscle, heart, blood vessels, and brains of older animals.

“GDF” stands for “growth differentiating factor”. It functions to “turn on” senescent stem cells, which results in a restoration of youthful structure and function to senile tissues. This same protein (GDF-11) is found in young humans as well as animals.

What follows are video highlights from RAADFest 2016, where Bill Faloon of Age Reversal Therapeutics, Inc. made our first public presentation.

Selected RAADFest 2016 Presentations

Bill Faloon

Bill Faloon addresses an audience of over 1,000, including some of the world’s leading authorities on life extension, aging and related topics. The Revolution against Aging and Death Festival (RAADFest) 2016 was a groundbreaking event and the first to ever focus on emerging human age reversal technologies. Bill Faloon is the co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation (LEF) with a primary purpose of funding research and to disseminate information on life extension, preventive medicine, anti-aging and optimal health.

Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj

Dipnarine Maharaj, M.D., is a pioneer of projects to reverse pathologic aging along with restoration of functional immune status using stem cell mobilized plasma components from young donors at South Florida Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Institute.  He addressed the audience at RAADfest about his work on stem cells and inflammation, and continues with his groundbreaking work and research.

Dr. Dobri Kiprov

Dobri Kiprov, MD, HP is internationally recognized as a pioneer and a leading expert in the field of Therapeutic Apheresis. At RAADfest 2016, Dr. Kiprov presented information about age-related inflammation, molecules in the blood of aged individuals which may cause it, and how to remove them. Dr. Kiprov. is Chief of the Division of Immunotherapy at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, California and Medical Director of Apheresis Care Group (ACG). He has worked in the field of therapeutic apheresis for more than 25 years and has published extensively on this subject. Dr. Kiprov served two terms on the American Society for Apheresis (ASFA) Board of Directors and created the first ASFA educational video program.

Dr. Greg Fahy

Gregory M. Fahy, with 30+ years of research experience, is Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of 21st Century Medicine and serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Dr. Fahy prioritizes, develops and directs the company’s research activities. He also manages extramural collaborative research projects. As a scientist with the American Red Cross, he was the originator of the first practical method of Cryopreservation by vitrification and the inventor of computer based systems to apply this technology to whole organs. Before joining 21st Century Medicine, he was Chief Scientist for Organ, Inc and of LRT, Inc.

 At RAADFest 2016, Dr. Fahy presented his preliminary work on a protocol to successfully rejuvenate the aged, “involuted” thymus in humans, which looks to be critical to maintaining immune function and even cancer resistance into old age.